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I'm Jim. Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, currently working for Continuum Analytics in Austin, TX.


I used to be a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. My research was in the domain of system dynamics and controls, focused on system identification and state estimation for electro-mechanical systems. I was drawn to this field due to its inherent multidisciplinary nature — knowledge of mechanics, electronics, and software are all required. My final project was in the application of novel estimator designs to reduce the hardware requirements for actuators. Sometimes you don't need more or better sensors, just a fancier algorithm.

During graduate school I became involved in several open-source projects, mostly in the scientific python community. Projects I currently work on, or have spent a significant time on in the past include:

Other Interests

I spend my free time on my hobbies. I started rock climbing around 8 years ago, and that has easily become the most addicting thing in my life. I also dance West Coast Swing on a fairly regular basis (although not as often as I'd like).

About the Name

The name of this site comes from a term in dynamics/control theory referring to a system that once hit with an impulse will oscillate forever, never growing or shrinking in magnitude. While most of my academic research and focus was in the field of control theory, I have lots of other interests too that I oscillate between. I believe that this shift of interests isn't harmful, but actually leads me to lead a fuller life, and (hopefully) become a better engineer in the process.

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